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Freefall – Part 6


Welcome to Part 6 of my double drabble serial, Freefall. In the last episode, the fugitive Farrow encountered a resident of the planet he had crash-landed on. He turned out to be friendly, but that doesn’t help when Kohra is still on his tail.

If this is the first part of the story you’re reading and want to go back to part one to catch up, just visit the Short Stories section of the site and scroll down to the Freefall heading. Want more? Well there are plenty more short stories for you to read in my ever-growing archive.

I’ll be adding more options for accessing these stories over the coming months – how does a podcast or free PDF files sound? If you have a favourite format for reading stories, drop me a line and let me know what you’d like to see.

“I’m inclined to agree” said Farrow, looking up at the stars for the first time. The shooting stars were becoming more frequent, burning up one after the other. Whatever had attacked them had done so quickly. It had wiped out any possibility Farrow had of getting off this rock any time soon.

“Something’s coming down” said the farmer. “Up yonder.”

Farrow looked up to the same area of sky. It took him a moment to see it against the darkness above, but then there it was. A huge ship, definitely a battle cruiser. That explained the debris hitting the atmosphere. Farrow looked at the old farmer with grudging respect. “You saw that from here without bynoks?”
“I may be old but I ain’t past it yet” came the reply. Farrow looked at the ship again. It seemed to be heading towards them.
“They’re after me.” He didn’t know that for certain, but it made sense. They would never stop chasing him until he was back in custody or dead. Neither option suited him.

“Come on, I’ve got a place for you to hide. They’ll never find you. This way.”
Farrow followed. It didn’t look like he had any other options.

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