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Freefall – Part 9

Hello again, welcome to Part 9 of Freefall, an ongoing double drabble story I'm telling each week. Or more frequently in future - we'll...

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Death Train (2006)

Twitter Plot Summary: Lasko, a soldier-turned-monk, has to stop bad guy Arnold Vosloo from releasing a virus on a train. So far, so Under...

Fire With Fire (2012)

Twitter Plot Summary: A fireman is put into witness protection when a white supremacist bumps off a black shopkeeper. Mr Fireman goes postal when...

The Desert Fox (1951)

Twitter Plot Summary: A biopic of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. Respected military leader, half-hearted Nazi.Genre: Action/Biography/Drama/History/WarDirector: Henry HathawayKey Cast: James Mason, Jessica Tandy, Leo...