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Freefall – Part 4

Good evening again, and welcome once more to the ongoing double drabble serial Freefall. If you want to to keep up or catch up...

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Bad Boys (1995)

Twitter Plot Summary: Bay. Smith. Lawrence. Leoni. The 1990s. Cops. Bad guys. Drugs. Explosions. Someone saying “Lowwwwreeeeeee” a lot.Michael Bay was at his best...

Charlotte’s Web (2006)

Twitter Plot Summary: Wilbur the pig befriends Charlotte, a spider in his barn. To save him from becoming bacon, she writes words in her...

Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow (1994)

Twitter Plot Summary: The tired survivors of the Police Academy franchise go over to Moscow. Because they can.Genre: Comedy/CrimeDirector: Alan MetterKey Cast: George Gaynes,...