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Freefall – Part 2

Good evening, and welcome to another short story follow-up, Freefall - Part 2. This is a story that I'm telling over many, many, many...

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Death Train (2006)

Twitter Plot Summary: Lasko, a soldier-turned-monk, has to stop bad guy Arnold Vosloo from releasing a virus on a train. So far, so Under...
Film Review

Gozu (2003)

Twitter Plot Summary: A surreal journey as a yakuza enforcer drives his colleague to be assassinated. The journey soon goes crazy. Absolutely crazy.Genre: Crime/Drama/Horror/Mystery/ThrillerDirector:...
Film Review

The Call (2013)

Twitter Plot Summary: Halle Berry is a 911 call operator who tries to help Abigail Breslin after she's kidnapped by a nutter.Five Point Summary:...