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Freefall – Part 11


The stories keep on coming, and we’re building slowly to the next stage of the Freefall tale. What else is to come, you might ask? You’ll just have keep tuning in week after week for each new chapter.

Do you like the story so far, or do you not like some or all of it? I’m always happy to receive feedback on my work. If you want to send me your thoughts, you can get in touch through one of the methods on my Contact page. Good or bad, please get in touch and I’ll read what you have to say.

And now without further ado, onto the story!

Farrow heard the shot from inside the bunker. He finished taping up his injured ankle and switched on the external monitor, the one the farmer had pointed him towards before rushing off to meet the incoming ship.

He saw the farmer’s inert body lying on the floor near Kohra. The death of the old farmer saddened Farrow. It was a pointless death. It was typical of Kohra to follow such a plan of action, to shoot first and ask questions later. This feud would only end when one or both of them were dead.

There were secrets in his past that would soon be revealed. Kohra had no idea, at present, exactly how intertwined their lives were, what Farrow had done to get here. But when he found out the full details, that would be when all reason went out of the window. Then it would be a choice: kill or be killed.

He watched as the soldiers behind Kohra moved across the farmyard. Soon they would search the barn, find the entranceway that led to the bunker. They would walk down the corridor, find the bunker’s metal door. They would get inside.

Farrow needed a way out, and fast.

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