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Freefall – Part 12


Hello again and welcome to Part 12 of this ongoing double drabble serial. If there’s anybody new tuning in at this point, I’d suggest going back to the Short Stories page and read through Parts 1-11 so you’re up to speed. There are an ever growing number of short stories available on there, so have a scroll through the site and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy.

Any thoughts or comments? Give me a shout through the Contact page. Any and all feedback is gratefully received. Even the bad stuff, I like to hear constructive criticism as much as the praise. Besides which, I have a carapace to protect me from the worst comments, so go ahead and say what you like.

Now, onto the story:

Two guards had been left on duty outside the shuttle as the rest of the team searched for Farrow. There was nothing for them to do other than wait for Kohra to find his target and return with him to the ship.

The guard on the left of the ramp spoke first.

“It boggles the mind how anybody could continue farming when there’s a war on.”
“Folks need to eat I guess. Besides, the front line’s miles away. What else is there to do but get on with your life?”
“True. No guarantee it’ll stay that way though. I hear the line can move more than fifty miles in either direction on any given day.”
The guard on the right was impressed.
“As much as that? Now that is surprising.”
“Nothing surprising about war, and I’ve had my share. When this tour’s over, I’ll be going back home to write my stories.”
“You’re not still doing those fiction pieces are you?”
“I have a talent that needs to be released.”
“Is that what it’s called?”
“Enough of that. Look sharp. He’s on his way back.”

They snapped to attention as Kohra emerged from the farm. He did not look happy.

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