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Freefall – Part 5


“Keep turning, nice and slow” said the man. He followed the order. The man nodded.
“Good. Now, who are you and what brings you to these parts, stranger?”
There was no need to hide his past. Either this man would shoot him for being one of the enemy, or he would accept him. There were no other options in this war, you were with one side or the other.

“My name is Farrow, I’m a member of the resistance.”
“Is that so?” The farmer thought about this. Farrow kept his hands raised.

Slowly, the farmer lowered his weapon. He waved for Farrow to lower his arms and he did so.
“Ain’t seen one of you round these parts in a while. Most everybody’s moved up along with the front line.”

The farmer looked at the sky. What looked like shooting stars were burning through the atmosphere.
“Looks like there’s been a battle up there. Bad one, too.”
He looked back at Farrow and spat on the ground.
“I’m guessing from the pod you landed in, you’ve got something to do with that, right?”
Farrow nodded. It seemed likely.
“Well now, looks like we have ourselves a bit of a predicament.”

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