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Short Story: Freefall


Evening all, hope you’ve had a good week.

I’ve decided to do something a little different with my short story this week. This short story is a drabble, or rather, a double drabble. No, I haven’t gone mad, drabble’s are a real thing. A normal drabble is a story that can be told in 100 words. A double drabble is a 200 word story. Got it?

Then enjoy this relatively quick read. Believe it or not, despite its brevity it took a fair bit of time to edit and whittle down to something intelligible. I quite how this story is set up, so I’m giving serious thought to telling this story in regular, 200 word chunks. What do you think, would you be interested?

And so, I give you a little science fiction tale I call… Freefall.

He awoke with a sudden jolt as the escape capsule spun directionless through the void of space. Within seconds his muscle memory kicked in, his fingers flying across the keys in front of him.

The space was cramped, barely enough room to move his limbs, none that would let him lean forward in his seat. This craft wasn’t designed for long term occupancy.

He regained control. The capsule levelled off, the planet filled his screen. Most of the surface was covered in deep blue oceans, around two thirds. The remaining third was land mass, arranged in a wide number of continents, large and small.

On the ground were thousands of soldiers, fighting for one of the two sides in this fight. He didn’t know which half of the planet his side controlled. It would have to be a guess. The East or the West. The conflict had stretched on for decades, a never ending fight, a war without end.

Yet still he would fight. He must. It was what he did best.

The seconds ticked away. Which way should he go?

A weapon blast struck his capsule. The choice was taken away from him. He fell, powerless, to the East.


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