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Freefall – Part 4


Good evening again, and welcome once more to the ongoing double drabble serial Freefall. If you want to to keep up or catch up with the story, every part will be listed separately on my short stories page. As are the separate parts to ongoing serial I, Zombie and all of my other one-off shorts.

Remnants of the orbital fleet floated around the victorious battle cruiser, bouncing harmlessly off the hull. The battle had lasted for less than two minutes. More than forty ships destroyed by a single opponent. There were few in this region of the galaxy that could stand up to the might of the Republic.

Some had tried to escape but were cut down before they could activate their star drives. There would be no survivors to explain who had perpetrated such an act. Only death and destruction would be left in orbit, further casualties in a war without end. Both sides on the surface would blame the other for their losses, no doubt extending the conflict further.

Kohra did not care for their petty war. All he cared for was that one of their number had committed an act of treason against the Republic. The standard punishment was death, on immediate capture of the prisoner. But Kohra wanted the traitor to suffer first, he would take his time with it. A slow and painful death.

The cruiser dropped down into the planet’s atmosphere, now free to follow the escape pod down to the surface. This would all be over soon enough.

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