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Movie Soundtrack Highlights – Power Station: We Fight For Love


There are some films that you just can’t help but enjoy for their enduring silliness, their over the top action sequences, and their daft one liners. One such film is Commando, which has been reviewed here before and at great length. Besides featuring the best villain in action movie history, Vernon Wells’ gurning, slightly overweight Freddie Mercury lookalike Bennett, it also has a cracking song playing over the end credits. Performed by 80s supergroup The Power Station – comprising members of Duran Duran, Chic and Robert Palmer, the track featured vocals from Palmer’s replacement Michael Des Barres and a classic 80s rock riff at its centre.

The lyrics seem to be from the perspective of Schwarzenegger’s character John Matrix, who throughout the film attempts to rescue his daughter from the clutches of Bennett and General Arius (Dan Hedaya). It’s equally as silly as the film itself, but happens to be a rather enjoyable finale to a rather enjoyable film. It also works very well indeed in its own right, although it was sadly missing from the band’s debut album released in 1985. It did however return on the 2005 reissue as a bonus track and with a new title – Somewhere, Somehow, Someone’s Gonna Pay.

This is a song that I keep coming back to time and time again. Not only is it a reminder of how great Commando is (and I really should make time to watch it again soon), but it has a great, persistent drum beat and a guitar riff that is not only easy to play but doesn’t get complicated just for the sake of it.

Check it out in the video below. If you’re not at least tapping your foot to it within the first 60 seconds then there is clearly something wrong with you.

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