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Movie Soundtrack Highlights – Idina Menzel: Let It Go


This is the one I threatened to post a few weeks back in the “songs my niece likes” category. In hindsight it’s a very obvious choice, but then I also happen to like it a lot. True, it’s reached the point of excessive saturation thanks to endless replays, to the point where parents are no doubt bashing their heads against the wall just at the thought of the song, but hear me out before you start throwing things at me.

When I first saw Frozen at the cinema I knew instantly that Let It Go would be the standout track. There’s something about the theme of the song, the fact that Menzel has opportunity to belt it out with gusto in the final chorus, that really makes it an obvious choice for major media coverage. Not that the rest of the soundtrack is lacking – far from it – but Let It Go really had the emotion and big show tune sound going for it from the start. I for one listen to it quite regularly – it seems to work quite well with my writing sessions. Go figure.

So play it one more time, for old time’s sake, while you await the release of Frozen 2. You’re looking forward to it really.

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