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Short Story: I, Zombie – Part 3


Evening folks, welcome to part 3 of I, Zombie. I’m having fun developing this, and I’m quite keen to see where the narrative goes to. Hopefully, you are too. Any comments will be gratefully received, positive or negative.


The gun clicked. The chamber was empty.
“Damn it” said the soldier, fumbling with the clip on the rifle. The clip dropped out of the gun and fell into the jeep footwell. Her driver, a bulky man wearing matching fatigues, laughed at her incompetence.
“Jenkins, you’re lucky there’s only one of ‘em” he said, his voice a deep drawl.
“Shut up, I’ve got this” she replied, reaching down to her belt and retrieving another clip. This one slotted into place immediately.
“Sure you do” said the driver, still chuckling.

He watched as this scene unfolded, uncertain what to do next. He couldn’t run – his legs wouldn’t move that fast any more.
The mental fog had cleared enough to know what would happen next. The soldier would chamber a bullet, take aim and shoot him dead. Or, more realistically, actually dead. He tried to beg for his life, but realised that he no longer had control over his vocal chords. Jenkins aimed her rifle at him again. He lifted his arms to cover his face. This action made her stop.

The driver looked at her, disgruntled. “Just put a bullet in its head and let’s get moving, daylight’s wasting.”
Jenkins lowered her weapon. “No, I have a better idea.”
She dropped out of the vehicle and started walking towards him before the driver had time to stop her. He clambered out of the vehicle and followed her.
“You’re crazy” said the driver, catching up with her.
“Maybe” came her reply, as both she and the driver came to a stop in front of the zombie. She looked him over.

“I think we’ll call you Pops” said the girl. He looked back at her curiously. She couldn’t be much older than twenty. He tried smiling. The result was anything but. He bared his teeth, causing a few remnants of the body he had just chewed on to fall from his mouth. Instantly Jenkins had lifted the rifle again and had it aimed at him. He raised his arms again and lowered his head in deference. It was the only way he could show that he meant them no harm.

Until the hunger returned. He hoped that would be some time from now.

The driver of the vehicle laughed again. “You want to keep him as a pet?” Come on now, we’ve got places to go.”
Jenkins turned on the driver. “But look at him, he’s different. He’s not trying to attack us. He’s just… well, standing there. That’s odd.”
The driver shook his head. “Don’t mean nothing. He’s one of them, a flesh eater. Keep your distance.”
“Howard, are you seriously telling me that you don’t find this at least slightly interesting?”
The driver, Howard, inclined his head slightly. “Just a bit. Maybe” he admitted.

“He looks fresh, like he’s not long turned” said Jenkins, looking him over.
“Probably less than a day” agreed Howard.
“There’s something different about this one, I’m sure of it. In fact it might be exactly what we were looking for.”
“You think?” Howard was sceptical.
“Only one way to find out.” Jenkins looked back at the zombie.

“Come on Pops, you’re coming with us.”

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