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Short Story: I, Zombie – Part 10


Here we go folks, we’re at part 10 of the ongoing story and the final part for a few weeks. Excited? And so you should be. After today I, Zombie goes on a bit of a break so I can write some other stuff. What will be up next week then? You’ll have to come back next week and find out.

I know, I’m cruel like that.

Jenkins ran to Howard’s quarters as fast as she could. She received some strange looks from her fellow soldiers, but that was normal. There were always strange looks aimed at her. She ignored them. If there was a problem it was with them, not her.

The room was empty. Where could he be? He wasn’t expected on duty until morning. Unless he was nearby there was no chance of finding him. Not without using internal security cameras at least – and she didn’t have clearance for that.

Entering Section 43A, she had to stop. A soldier stood in her way. She didn’t recognise him, but the base was so huge she’d been here for three years and still didn’t know absolutely everybody. Still, she looked at him with suspicion. He didn’t have the posture of a soldier, and beneath the cap he wore his hair was much longer than the regulation length.

“Excuse me” she said, moving to walk past. He stepped in front of her. She looked him in the face. His gaze didn’t waver.
“I said excuse me”. She tried walking through on his right side. Again, he stepped into her path, blocking her way.

“You brought in that thing, didn’t you.” It wasn’t a question. Jenkins said nothing. She walked toward him, knowing what was coming next.

She stepped back, avoiding the punch that had been aimed at her head. Twisting to her right she aimed a left hook of her own at her attacker’s ribs. She connected and heard the man grunt in pain. Before he could react she aimed her right fist at his chin. This one connected too, and the soldier staggered back.

Something hit her from behind. Then everything went black.
The door to Pops’ cell opened and a military General walked in. His chest was adorned with medals. He looked at Pops from the doorway, inspecting this creature that had been introduced to his base. Despite the power he held, it took more than a minute for him to feel comfortable enough to walk inside.

He stopped just out of reach.

“They tell me you’re a smart one. Is that true?”

Pops nodded his head slowly. The General shook his head and smiled.
“Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Isn’t that a turn up for the books?”
He walked a few steps closer. He was within reach. Pops kept his arms by his side. It wouldn’t help him if he killed the General here and now. The General had recognised this.

“Of course, when you came back with my soldiers, we wondered what in Sam Hill they were thinking. Nobody brings the dead back to the base. Nobody. You’re a risk. You being here puts the lives of everybody here at risk. They knew that. And yet they still decided to bring you back. Funny, huh?”

The General wasn’t smiling.

Pops looked at the General, confused. The General was enjoying this little interrogation.

“You don’t understand, do you? Well let me spell it out for you. You’re never leaving this room.”

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