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Freefall – Part 9


Hello again, welcome to Part 9 of Freefall, an ongoing double drabble story I’m telling each week. Or more frequently in future – we’ll see if I have time.

Anyway, you’re not here for me and my rambling. Well, you are – sort of. Just… not this bit. If you’re new to the story then you might want to pick up Parts 1-8 in the short story section (ooh, alliteration!).

I’m always glad to receive feedback, whether you enjoyed a story or thought it could do with some work. My contact details are, funnily enough, on the Contact page. Thanks for paying a visit, and I hope you stick around for future episodes.

“Almost there. It’s not much further.”

Farrow walked a few steps behind the farmer, wincing now and again as the pain in his twisted ankle flared up. It was okay to walk on, he just hoped he wouldn’t need to run anywhere.

They were well beneath the farm now, walking down a long corridor that had been cut into the earth. Other tunnels branched off in several directions. They looked like they had been fashioned by one device. Human technology was advanced, but only in matters of warfare. This was beyond current technology. Then it hit him.

It was a hive. Farrow had heard of the existence of giant insects before now, but had ignored them as mere rumour and superstition. These corridors put an end to those thoughts. They were real.

The farmer slowed as the corridor curved round to the left. Farrow stopped in his tracks and looked ahead.

The farmer stepped up and pulled back a hanging sheet to reveal a huge metal door. It was a stark contrast to the surrounding walls and looked brand new. In its centre was a combination lock.

The farmer looked at Farrow.
“Best get yourself inside. We ain’t got long.”

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