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Freefall – Part 8


Hello again, welcome to Part 8 of Freefall. If you’ve been keeping up (and I hope you have), Kohra is moving in on Farrow and hopes to have him back under armed guard soon. Farrow, meanwhile, is down on the planet’s surface and has met a friendly local.

And what about last week’s episode? Who are those people? All will be revealed shortly. Hopefully.

As always, if you’re enjoying the story then feel free to send me your feedback. You can reach my through a variety of different locations. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week’s update.

“Moving into position now, sir.”

Kohra nodded and without a word left the command centre.

The battle cruiser glided towards the ground. It hovered for a moment, a few short metres away from the surface, before gently coming to rest in a wide barren field. In the distance the light of battle could be seen,

For a bystander watching outside, the hull of the ship seemed to split open from its centre, a large ramp lowering slowly towards the soil below.

Kohra stomped down it, ahead of his entourage, before it had fully finished descending. His boots touched the ground mere seconds after the ramp, and he continued walking.

His entourage, weighed down with heavy armour and military equipment, struggled to maintain pace. Kohra would punish them if they were tardy. He had done so many a time in the past. The fact they were burdened with their armour and weapons was of no consequence to him. To a man they quickened their pace and were soon marching in time behind their mission leader.

Kohra was oblivious to their presence. He walked with a singular purpose. All he thought about was Farrow and the pain he would inflict on him.

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