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Freefall – Part 2


Good evening, and welcome to another short story follow-up, Freefall – Part 2. This is a story that I’m telling over many, many, many double drabbles, although if I only do one a week that might take quite a while to finish…

After last week’s episode, this one takes a look at a different perspective and gets an early start on expanding the world of the story. We’ll be coming back to this bunch a few times going forward. So without further ado, here is Part 2 of Freefall!


“The escape pod is falling planet-side, your eminence” said the navigations officer.
“Track it” said the commander, an imposing seven foot tall military veteran named Kohra. He had travelled many hundreds of thousands of miles on the trail of his quarry. He would not be stopped now.

His honour had been besmirched when the rebel had escaped custody. Now the only course of action was to recapture him, and to do so promptly. Any further delay would reflect badly on him, tarnish his status further.

“Take us down after him. I want that man back under armed guard within the hour.”

“But sir, there is a fleet of enemy ships standing between us and the surface.”
Kohl shrugged. “So? Are we not on board the most powerful vessel in the fleet? They are nought but specks compared to our mighty vessel. Clear a path, lieutenant.”
“Aye, sir.”
With the push of a single button the vessel’s weapons systems were activated. System after system came online in quick succession. Weapons of all shapes and varieties came to life, their automated systems immediately targeting all non-friendly vessels within firing range.

The fleet in orbit below them didn’t stand a chance.

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