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Freefall – Part 10


Hello and welcome to Part 10 of Freefall, an ongoing double drabble story I’m telling each week. It’s a science fiction story set in some distant part of the galaxy.

As I say each time, the first 9 parts are available in the short story section if you need to catch up. At 200 words a pop you shouldn’t need too much time to get up to speed.

I’m always glad to receive feedback, whether you enjoyed a story or there were parts that you weren’t keen on. My contact details are, funnily enough, on the Contact page. Thanks for paying a visit, and I hope you stick around for future episodes.

“Spread out. Find him.”
The soldiers did as ordered, fanning out from the landing pod in a half circle formation. The farmhouse sat ahead.
Kohra walked until he was thirty feet from the farmhouse, then stopped. He would make the resident come to him.

The farmer opened his front door and stepped out to meet the visitors.
“Hello, can I help you?”
Kohra didn’t move. Instead he projected his voice towards the farmer.
“I’m looking for an escaped prisoner. He landed near here.”
The farmer walked towards Kohra slowly. The soldiers raised their weapons cautiously. The farmer looked unarmed but there was still the possibility that he had a hidden weapon beneath his jacket.
Kohra waved them away. This man offered no threat to him. The soldiers lowered their weapons and continued their search of the area.
The farmer stopped ten feet away from Kohra.

“Sorry, I ain’t seen nobody of that type round here.”
Kohra looked the man dead in the eye.
“You’re lying.”
“I’m tellin’ the truth, sir. Now if you don’t mind, I got business to attend to.”
“No, wait right there.”
The farmer stopped. Kohra spoke.
“He’s here. And you’re protecting him.”
Kohra fired his weapon.

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