Welcome to my website. I am Simon Prior, author and writer of things.

Here you’ll find my short fiction, writing tips and a few film reviews. Well, maybe quite a few. Alright, a lot.

There’s more on the way, too. If you want to know more, get in touch and I’ll be happy to let you know what’s coming up.

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Short Story: With Peaceful Intent

Good evening once again, and welcome to another of my weekly short stories. This one takes a step away from zombies (for a bit...

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The Entity (1982)

Twitter Plot Summary: A woman is touched up by an aroused spirit. Quite a lot.Based on the supposedly true story of Carla Moran (you...

Megalodon (2002)

Twitter Plot Summary: A drilling company unleash a giant megalodon shark and it attacks them a little bit.One of two giant shark films to...

Vampyre Nation (2012)

Twitter Plot Summary: Vampires and humans are able to co-exist after a synthetic blood is released, however there's something worse than vamps out there...Genre:...