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Short Story: I, Zombie – Part 10

Here we go folks, we're at part 10 of the ongoing story and the final part for a few weeks. Excited? And so you...

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Vampyre Nation (2012)

Twitter Plot Summary: Vampires and humans are able to co-exist after a synthetic blood is released, however there's something worse than vamps out there...Genre:...

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

Twitter Plot Summary: It's New Year's Eve! There's a wave coming and a ship completely unprepared to deal with it! RAMMING SPEED!Genre: Action/AdventureDirector: Ronald...

Free Birds (2013)

Twitter Plot Summary: A couple of turkeys travel back in time to stop turkeys from being on the Thanksgiving menu.Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy/FamilyDirector: Jimmy HaywardKey Cast:...