Welcome to my website. I am Simon Prior, author and writer of things.

Here you’ll find my short fiction, writing tips and a few film reviews. Well, maybe quite a few. Alright, a lot.

There’s more on the way, too. If you want to know more, get in touch and I’ll be happy to let you know what’s coming up.

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Short Stories

Short Story: I, Zombie – Part 9

Hello again, weary traveller. Here, let me take your coat. Leave your boots by the fire. What's that? Yes, it is rather cold out....

Writing Tips

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A small troop of men reside in a bunker, the remnants of some future war that has created a dystopian world. They are waiting,...

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Twitter Plot Summary: Lara Croft makes the transfer from video games to the big screen in a mostly vacuous action romp.Five Point Summary:1. Chris...